5 Factors That May Make Timber Framing Ideal for You

With so many ways available to build the structural frame of a home, such as timber framing or using masonry blocks, it can be difficult for a layperson to select the most suitable option for him or her. This article discusses some of the factors that can make the choice of timber framing ideal for someone planning to build a home. Constricted Sites You should consider timber-frame construction if the site where you would like to build your new home is constricted. Read More 

Why You Should Have A Roof Plumber Install Your Gutters And Roof Drainage

When you consider having gutters installed, replaced, or upgraded then you may think handling the job on your own is the best course of action. Though this may save you money initially, you may find that the job was best suited for someone with experience and certification in the industry. If you aren't sure that hiring a roof plumber is a good idea, or worth the money, consider the following key points. Read More 

Durable and Dynamic, but No Drums Please: All About Metal Roofing

If a country's weather was like a person's personality, Australia would be a bit of a drama queen. Sure, most of the time everything is calm and sunny—reassuringly predictable. But occasionally there are dramatic outbursts that leave you wondering what the heck just happened. Australian weather is famed for its dramatic outbursts, whether it's intensive bursts of rain that leads to flash flooding, searing heat that can regrettably encourage bushfires, and even cyclones the further north you go. Read More 

3 Surprising Advantages Of Timber-Framed Homes

Timber-framed homes are usually seen as being very rustic and casual, with the exposed beams giving a home a certain charm and open feeling that isn't typically seen with other types of homes. Many people choose timber-framed homes if they're selecting a house near a lake or want a more casual look and feel for their house. However, timber frames offer some unique advantages beyond their appearance and rustic appeal. If you're looking to have a home built or are shopping for a new home, note a few reasons why you might consider a timber-framed home versus any other. Read More