3 Surprising Advantages Of Timber-Framed Homes

Timber-framed homes are usually seen as being very rustic and casual, with the exposed beams giving a home a certain charm and open feeling that isn't typically seen with other types of homes. Many people choose timber-framed homes if they're selecting a house near a lake or want a more casual look and feel for their house. However, timber frames offer some unique advantages beyond their appearance and rustic appeal. If you're looking to have a home built or are shopping for a new home, note a few reasons why you might consider a timber-framed home versus any other.

1. Timber is very fire-resistant

You may think that timber frames are more of a fire risk since they're wood, but in truth, their density actually makes them very fire-resistant. Thick timber frames do not hold much air inside the wood so that a fire cannot be fed when it reaches the frame. In turn, a fire may be easier to control or it may simply die out. When you construct a home with timber frames, it is more likely to survive a fire and not be totally burnt to the ground versus the use of other materials.

2. Timber frames hold up the weight of the house

Most timber-framed homes have an open floor plan and this is not an accident; the timber frames are so strong that they hold up the weight of the home without the need for load-bearing walls. In turn, the floor plan can be left completely open or you can construct walls where it suits you, not where they're needed for the overall strength of the home. Many timber-framed homes even have elevated ceilings in the living area with floor-to-ceiling windows for maximum light exposure and the best view of the outdoors. If you want flexibility with the design of your home, choose timber frames.

3. Timber is very easy to recycle

If you're environmentally conscious, you want to choose building materials that are either already recycled or that are easy to recycle in case you want to make renovations down the road. Many building materials can be recycled but they may require large amounts of energy for this process. For example, steel typically needs to be heated in order to be fabricated and recycled, whereas timber frames can simply be cut as needed for recycling. For an environmentally-friendly choice for your home, choose timber frames.

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