5 Factors That May Make Timber Framing Ideal for You

With so many ways available to build the structural frame of a home, such as timber framing or using masonry blocks, it can be difficult for a layperson to select the most suitable option for him or her. This article discusses some of the factors that can make the choice of timber framing ideal for someone planning to build a home.

Constricted Sites

You should consider timber-frame construction if the site where you would like to build your new home is constricted. For instance, sites with accessibility or storage space issues can benefit from timber wall framing because workers can easily carry the needed materials to the site if motorised access is difficult. Other building options, such as the use of masonry blocks, can be very difficult for workers to carry to the site.

Abundance of Timber

Timber framing is also a good choice for people who would like to build in an area where there is an abundant supply of timber, such as in a forested area. The availability of timber supplies would make the cost of the construction project affordable because the needed materials would not have to be ferried in from distant sources.

Absence of Noise

Timber wall framing may also be a good choice in case the lot where you would like to build your new home is far from sources of noise pollution, such as busy highways. Timber-frame houses may be costly to soundproof, so it is advisable to select timber framing if you need won't incur the added cost of sound-dampening insulation.

Intermittent Use of Heating

Timber wall framing should also be considered if you anticipate that you are likely to use heating infrequently during the winter. This intermittent use may be prompted by the fact that your home remains unoccupied for most of the day while you are away. Timber-frame houses are suitable for such intermittent use of heating facilities because timber does not transmit heat easily. Consequently, your timber frame home will not experience rapid temperature fluctuations due to turning off the heating during the day.

Project Urgency

Select timber wall framing for your new home if you need the structure to be up within the shortest possible time. Timber-framed houses take a shorter time to build, and they can be constructed in any kind of weather. This is unlike other options, such as cast-in-place concrete block walls that require plenty of time to construct.

Timber wall framing is an environmentally friendly way to build a home. Opt for it if the factors discussed above apply to your situation. You can also consult with professionals at companies like Wadsworth Joinery for additional advice in case you aren't sure whether this type of construction is suitable for your area.