Reasons Why a New Roof Is a Long-term Investment for Your Property

The thought of re-roofing your premises is likely to make any homeowners anxious. Not only is this an extensive project but it can also be a pricey endeavour. Hence, most people typically tend to assume their roofing will last a lifetime and only engage in repairs as need be. But if you find that you are routinely engaging in repairs, it could be a signal that your roof is past its shelf life. Read More 

Two tips for those who intend to have their roof replaced

If you have hired a roofer to replace your roof, here are two tips which should help to ensure that this process goes as smoothly as possible. Order roof trusses made from treated timber When the time comes to order the materials for the roof, make sure to ask the roof trusses supplier to provide you with roof trusses which are made from treated timber. 'Treated' timber is wood which has been coated with fungicides and insecticides. Read More 

Roofing: Symptoms to Look Out For Of Impending Disrepair

When it comes to roof repairs, you will find a number of homeowners tend to only consider them when their roof has developed a leak. However, by the time your roof is allowing water to penetrate into your structure, it is a sign of extensive damage. Further inspection could even reveal that you may require roofing replacement instead of simple repairs. That is why it is important for homeowners to know how to spot the signs of roof damages when they have not got the chance to become exacerbated. Read More 

Felt vs Synthetic Underlay: The Pros and Cons of Each

When deciding on roof materials, most homeowners only think of the outer layer. However, your roofing will also require an underlay which is placed between the outer material and the decking. Underlay is important to form a water barrier, prevent damage to the roofing deck and to offer additional sound and heat insulating properties. In general, you will be choosing between either synthetic or felt underlay, so you'll have to consider the pros and cons of each option to come to the right decision. Read More 

Choosing metal roofing for fire prone areas

Australia is prone to bushfires in the hot dry summer. For people who live in these areas, having the right building areas can help to protect their home from high temperatures during a fire while also keeping the house looking great year round. Metal roofing systems are ideal as they are not prone to burning during ember attack. Here are some tips when looking for a fireproof metal roof for your home. Read More