Benefits of a Roof Painting Project

While you might focus on your home's inside when renovating, the outside is the first thing that people see when they approach. Thus, upgrades to the kerb view are crucial, particularly if you're selling. One project to consider is roof painting. Here are several benefits.

Improve Kerb View

You'll have a chance to transform the facade colour scheme with a painting project. If the roof and wall cladding are too similar, they can present a bland impression, which you could improve upon. Alternatively, they may clash. Consider the rule of three when picking the roof colour. The external walls typically cover about 60%, the roof 30% and the trim 10% of the facade. If you're not repainting the outer walls and trim, note their respective colours and select a third hue to create a harmonious trio. If the walls are cool blue, beige or grey, consider a black or charcoal roof. Or, if they're warm tan or cream, you could try brown roofing. Your home will look more interesting if the roofing is a lighter or darker shade than the wall.

To generate ideas, why not drive around your neighbourhood and discover combinations that you find attractive or pleasing? Also, factor in the natural landscape. If your home is enclosed in green foliage, you probably want to avoid a green roof. Instead, select complementary hues.

Cooler Home

You may not associate roof painting with how hot your home gets in summer. However, the two things are related. Light colours reflect heat, while dark hues absorb it. And because the roof covers such a vast expanse, its heat-reflecting powers will affect the indoor temperature of the building. Thus, if you live in a hot climate, you could paint the cladding a pale hue to cool your home and reduce air conditioning costs.

Spot Worsening Problems

Painting the roof will also help discover any problems that may worsen if left to decay. A roof painting project involves several stages. Before the cladding is painted, it will be pressure washed to remove dirt, mould and mildew. On a clean roof, cracked tiles or rusty metal that may otherwise remain hidden will be noticeable. They can then be fixed before the roof is painted. Catching problems early can reduce repair bills. For example, a small hole may let rain flow into the crawl space. Over time, such moisture can rot timber beams, insulation and ceiling plaster. By sealing the hole, you can avoid further damage.

For more information about roof paint, contact a local contractor.