Roof Maintenance: Four Simple Steps for Repairing Your Residential Gutters

Inefficient roof drainage could wreak havoc in your home. Therefore, if your gutters are damaged, you should plan for immediate repair. Keep in mind that small leaks in the guttering will allow rainwater to flow along the walls of your house. This problem could result in the deterioration of the residential structure. Moreover, severe gutter damage could cause water pooling around the foundation and subsequent damage. Therefore, consider these basic steps for handling gutter repairs.

Clean the Gutters

If you have neglected your residential gutters, they will probably be dirty. You cannot conduct quality restorative work if you have filthy gutters. Therefore, plan on cleaning the units before proceeding. You will need a height-access unit for this work. Usually, a ladder is ideal for reaching the roof and removing the accumulated debris in gutters. However, you can also acquire safer equipment like a scissor lift for the task. Clear the materials in the channels and wash out the residue dust.

Inspect the Damage

You should determine the type of damage existing in your guttering. This evaluation will help you choose the right method for repairing the structure. The most common problem you might find is water leakage. You can determine the existence of a leak by using a hose and allowing water to flow through the gutter. Watch out for any drips or drops of water from the gutter. Also, check for gutter sagging. This problem occurs when part of the guttering droops. Sagging is caused by the accumulation of debris in the channels.

Acquire Supplies

When you identify the problem, you should acquire the appropriate supplies for conducting repairs. The right products will depend on the chosen approach for restoration. If there are leaks, the best item for managing the damage is a gutter sealant. This material will fill up holes in the channels. If the leaks are at the connection points in the system, you will need to realign the gutters and reinforce the connection. You might require new fittings to create a secure connection. Sagging gutters will need to be braced. Moreover, you must replace the old hangers to support the drooping section.

Consider Replacement

Finally, you should think about replacing your residential gutters. This approach is favourable if the damage to the channels is too severe or extensive. Repair of degraded gutters will serve as a temporary solution. However, the structures will fail during adverse weather. If you are interested in this solution for your home, consult a gutter service.