Gutter Replacement: 4 Critical Signs It Is Time to Invest In New Gutter in Your Home

Your home's gutter system is possibly the biggest unnoticed and unsung hero in your property. It plays a critical role in shielding your home from the damaging effects of rainwater. By channelling water away from the walls and other structures, gutters avert a wide range of potentially devastating and costly water-related damage. Although high-quality and well-maintained gutter systems can remain intact for a long time, they are certainly not everlasting. While you can resolve minor issues with some repair work, extensive damage will require a complete gutter replacement. Below are the tell-tale signs indicating a need for gutter replacement. 

1. Mould and Mildew Growth On The Exterior Walls

If you notice patches of unsightly mildew or mould in the basement or near the home's foundation, you could be dealing with broken gutters. That occurs when the gutters get cracked or punctured, thus causing the water to leak. At this point, you should inspect the gutters to determine the number and size of the holes. If the problem affects a small area, you may have it repaired. However, significant damage may require you to invest in new gutters. 

2. Gutters Do Not Drain Water Properly

In a properly functioning gutter system, you can hear water flowing down when it rains. If you cannot, then something is critically wrong with the gutters. It might be a sign of a blockage inside the gutters, preventing the free flow of water. It could also be as a result of misalignment of the gutters, causing them to pour the water on the sides. If this problem persists despite repairs, it is high time you considered a gutter replacement. 

3. Gutters Detaching from The Roof

Over time, your gutters may begin to pull away from the roof structure. In most cases, it occurs when screws and nails come off or become loose. The gutters may also separate from the roof when something heavy, such as a broken branch, falls on them. If the issue persists even after fastening the nails and screws, the gutters could be the problem. In that case, a gutter replacement is the best solution. 

4. Gutter Paint Peeling Off and Rusting

Another indication that your gutters require replacement is when they begin to rust on the inner and outer parts. Rusting signifies that the paint coating on the gutters is peeling off, thus exposing the metal to water damage. It might be a wise idea to have the gutter system replaced altogether if the rust has affected a large section. 

In the above situations, it might be more sensible to have a gutter replacement than a repair. Ensure that you contact an experienced and proficient gutter and roofing repair specialist to help you make the right choices when installing the new gutters. Contact a gutter replacement service for more information.