5 Amazing Benefits of Timber Wall Frames

Timber can be the best alternative for your wall frames, especially if you require the structural shell to be completed quickly. Other than the speed of construction, timber wall frames offer a myriad of other advantages. Timber frames are among the most suitable and most technologically advanced forms of construction available this century. Their flexibility allows the use of a wide variety of external materials, according to your preference. Here are 5 amazing benefits of using timber for your wall frames. 

Natural Material

The top priority when making any decision concerning your home is your health and the health of the occupants of your home. Timber is non-toxic. You can rest assured that It won't leak any chemical vapour into the building. The structure will be safe to handle and touch until the end of time. Even as timber ages, it remains completely natural. 

Faster Build Time

Timber wall frames have a faster build time. Other materials like brick require more footings and need reinforcement to withstand the extra weight. This makes them cumbersome and extends the build time significantly. With timber wall frames, construction doesn't need any concrete footings. Timber wall frames promote the use of efficient building methods and materials, making the structure easy and quick to erect. 

Better Insulation

Timber has natural thermal insulating properties. It helps reduce energy use in the home if used in the framing of doors, windows and floors. As such, a timber wall frame allows for more space for insulation compared to a brick building. A home with better insulation requires less energy to heat or cool. This means that once the house is complete, you'll use less energy.

Compared to steel, timber wall frames still come out on top in terms of thermal insulation. Wood structures contain air pockets, which limit the ability to conduct heat. These air pockets help minimise the amount of energy required in houses with timber wall frames. 

Endless Size and Design Possibilities

Timber wall frames provide you with endless design possibilities. Timber remains unrivalled in terms of technical and physical properties, giving you more freedom when it comes to size and design.

Easy to Work

Timber is quite versatile. Because wood is light, timber walls are easy to install and can easily be worked with using simple equipment. This reduces the amount of energy required for construction. Also, the different species of trees produce beams with different textures, colours, and functional properties.

Timber is highly durable and can last a lifetime. Choose timber wall frames to enjoy versatility, flexibility, time, and energy efficiency, without compromising on style and functionality.

For more information about timber wall frames, contact a local contractor.