Two Preparatory Steps to Take if You’ve Decided to Have Roof Restoration Work Done to Your House

If a roofer has agreed to restore your house's dilapidated roof, you should try to take the following steps to prepare for this process.  

Prune any trees that are growing near the roof

If there are any trees that are growing near your house's roof, you should use a large pair of gardening shears to prune them before the roof restoration activities get started. TThese trees could endanger the roofer and make it harder for them to do the restorative work that you have asked them to do. For example, if it happens to be quite windy whilst the roofer is leaning their ladder against your roof and standing on it, the wind could cause these branches to swing towards the roofer and hit them. This could knock the roofer off their ladder or whack their tools out of their hands. The former might leave the roofer injured, whilst the latter may slow them down (as they would have to retrieve their fallen tools from the ground).

Additionally, if the trees in question are deciduous and you get this restoration done in the autumn, the leaves that fall off them might land on the roof and make it perilously slippery for the roofer to lean on. Furthermore, these dead leaves might land on and stick to the roof underlay that the roofer is restoring, in which case they would then have to remove these leaves before adding the outer roofing materials. This could be quite time-consuming.

Advise your next-door neighbours to park their vehicles somewhere else for a few days

It is also advisable to tell any next-door neighbours who normally park their vehicles outside their homes to park them somewhere else whilst the roofer is restoring your roof. The restoration of a roof requires a roofer to take a lot of heavy materials and various types of tools up to the roof with them when they work. Due to the fact that most roofs are slanted, gravity can cause some of these items to occasionally roll off a roof whilst the roofer is on top of it.

If your neighbours' cars are parked a few feet away from your roof and this happens, these items might scratch or leave dents on these cars. As such, it is best to recommend that these people park a bit farther away from their homes than they normally do whilst your roof is undergoing restoration, to stop this from happening.