Roofing: Various Options Available When Purchasing Shingles

Whether you are looking to replace your roof or are constructing a new property, you will find you have a wide assortment of materials to choose from for your shingles. A mistake some people may make is opting to select the cheapest alternative in an attempt to keep their costs low. However, since your roofing is exposed to changing weather conditions all year round, you need to know the different pros and cons of the available materials so that you can make the best decision for your needs. Below is an outline of the various options available to you when purchasing roofing shingles.

Metal roofing shingles

If you are looking for a durable yet economical option for your roofing, then metal shingles would be an appropriate choice for your needs. These types of shingles are low maintenance; therefore, you would not have to worry about premature repair costs down the road. A misconception some people have is that metal roofing automatically means a grey roof. The reality is you can get these shingles in a multitude of colours depending on your tastes and preferences.

Slate roofing shingles

Another aesthetically appealing type of material that you could select for your shingles is slate. These types of shingles are especially ideal for structures that have a colonial or French style of design. Slate roofing is composed of thin layers of stone. As such, the shingles tend to be quite heavy, and you may need additional reinforcement in your roofing to support their weight. It should also be noted that the installation of these shingles is quite complex, which could increase your labour costs.

Tile roofing shingles

If you are going for a Mediterranean design for your home, then tile roofing would be a suitable design option. There are two main types of tile shingles that you could opt for. These are the concrete tiles and the clay tiles. Just like their slate shingles counterparts, this type of roofing can be exceptionally heavy. Therefore, you would have to factor in the additional structural support in your roof to withstand their weight.

Timber roofing shingles

Roofing shingles made from timber are also referred to as shakes. They are an ideal option for people who would like to add a rustic appeal to their home as they integrate well with the outdoors. With regular care and maintenance, your timber roofing shingles will age gracefully along with the overall appearance of your home. It should be noted that timber shakes tend to be an expensive option when selecting shingles. Moreover, they would require protective glazing and regular finishing to prevent them from succumbing to damage such as decay, splitting and mould.